Transsexual Surfing the Silver Screen?

From the Northern Star: "THE story of Gold Coast surfing legend Peter Drouyn who announced he planned to undergo a sex change in Thailand in 2009, has hit the limelight again. American film production company Westward Productions recently announced it planned to make a documentary about Peter and his alter-ego, Westerly Windina and film the operation Peter was about to undergo to become a "full woman." My Daily News surfing columnist, surfing legend and Peter's childhood friend, Andy Mackinnon, said he was really upset about the news and felt that Peter was selling himself short. "Everyone who really knows Peter is really concerned," he said. "It all goes back to around the year 2000 when Peter thought he might want to change his gender. "At first he just dressed up as a woman, then slowly changed his character and became Westerly. "He grew up a macho guy and was a real ladies man, but now is the complete opposite." Although Mr Drouyn planned the sex change operation for years, he never actually made it to Thailand due to financial problems. The planned documentary may finally fulfil Mr Drouyn's longstanding wish. But those close to him are uncertain this is the best thing for him." For more on the story, go here.