Thursday, November 8, 2012

Transgender and Political

Following the election a few stories of transgender success at the polls have come to the surface.
However, we have seen enough stories to give us hope for the future. The unthinkable "too good be true" for many of us may not be.  We can indeed make a difference as an active transgender public servant.
Obviously though, the journey is just beginning.
The future of course is with our trans youth. In that spirit I am reposting the story of Sarah McBride from this spring,

Until last week, American University students knew their student government president Sarah McBride as Tim McBride. But on the night of April 30, McBride stepped down from office, and into a largely welcoming university community that embraced her decision to come out as a transgender woman after struggling with her gender identity for 21 years.

At the time, Sarah stepped down as the student president citing conflicts between her identity and being president.

Hopefully, the future will not make being transgender an issue!

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