The Transgender Number

One of our regular readers and a very good friend of mine followed up my "Transgender Number" post with a couple well thought out comments.
Here is one:

"In some twisted way I find humor in this. If science doesn't understand something it becomes a disorder. I think the only disorder about things is that we can't realize that somethings just are. There doesn't have to be a reason. I don't think it was a mistake of nature or anything like that. I think it is merely a path that we have to take in our existence in order to grow our spirit.

It doesn't matter what your religious following is, we all believe in a higher power regardless of what name you use for it. If that power encompasses all of us then it only makes sense that we would have to take this path at sometime. I think we are meant to grow to better understanding. Let's just follow this path and see where your heels and my wingtips take us." (Draco is FtM)

Thanks Draco for your thoughts and I sooooo agree!
Without getting too deep into religion, if you do believe in an inner spirit or soul of any kind it is not a huge reach to attach a basic gender to it.
If indeed that spirit does not match the body, then the problems appear with society trying to pound us into our "proper" gender roles.
You my friend are far overdue in setting your inner spirit free!


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