A Special Camp for Transgender Kids!

 How great is this!
Camp Aranu'tiq is a weeklong, overnight summer camp for transgender and gender-variant youth ages 8 through 15.
It's a place where life experiences are shared and lifelong friendships are made.

Camp Aranu'tiq (a-ra-NOO-tick) is based on a traditional model of summer camps.
Activities for our New England location include: arts & crafts, drama, canoeing, swimming, creative writing, music, teamwork-building "challenge" activities, and a host of land sports such as soccer, kickball, basketball, volleyball, and more. For our California location, activities include: arts & crafts, drama, canoeing, swimming, creative writing, teamwork-building "challenge" activities, "gaga" (a type of dodgeball), volleyball, rock climbing, and archery. The week also includes campfires (with s'mores!), a talent show, and other special activities. There will be a few professional therapists at camp for campers who may want to talk, but the main focus of the week is on having fun.
Campers will go to different activities on a rotating basis with assigned age-appropriate groups. Groups will always be accompanied by adult volunteers. Campers will sleep in bunks divided by age group. All bunks will be under the direct care of adult volunteers at all times. For more information on living quarters, please contact us.
We also believe that parent/guardian peer support is very important. We will make every effort to provide parents with an opportunity to meet one another and keep in contact.

Of course there is more info here.


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