Transgender Six.

July 1st marks 6 months on hormones for me.
Of course I'm asked "what's the biggest change?"
Very simply, the biggest change is the skin I live in. All this time I thought all the commercials I saw for women's body washes and moisterizers as so much feminine fluff. I was wrong.
My skin started to dry out on my face and proceeded down my body. All of the sudden I was the one checking retail shelves for body washes and seeking info from my genetic girl friends.
I'm not going to tell you the "fluff" isn't fun but all of the sudden my skin suddenly became a force to be recogned with. Sure skin is a summer fashion accessory but if I didn't moisterize and pamper mine-it let me know.
The second biggest question is "did I make the right choice?".  Easy answer: YES!
I simply love what my life is becoming and can't wait for more!