Sunday Morning Dawn

Back in the day, the only way I saw the dawn was from the "other side" of it. Otherwise known as being up all night from working or partying.
This morning was different- a chance for my old dog and I to sit on my porch and watch west as the brightening sky extinguished the string of street lights I could see.
I live on a very busy three lane street so this was a rare chance to experience a time when the loudest sound on this Sunday morning were the birds.
So here I was. Entering six months of hormone replacement therapy on my porch in girl jeans, shoes and t-shirt. Times are a changing. I reach for just some comfortable casual clothes for myself and dog (she doesn't care) and they are female.
Timing is everything and this morning was a great time to just sit and think.
In the next couple of months, I have my next series of doctors appointments coming up. It's time for my regular VA Doc to give me a check up and my private physician to check my hormone situation.
As my very perceptive gf asked yesterday "Was I going to ask for an increase in dosage?"
Yes I am. It's an actually very easy decision. I love the changes I'm going through and the pace I have done it.
My Sunday morning dawn was just a time to check my own soul and one more very important point.
As I enter the last phase of my life (I'm 62), it's important to realize my mortality. I want to believe in Heaven and I do believe we create our own hell. The only fact I know is certain, it's important for me not to take any dawns for granted!


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