A Huge Dose of Male Privilege

What would the "Rad Fem's" say? Or even the Rad Trans Fem's?
I was privileged this week to work on a long put off plumbing project in my old house!
What was I thinking?
I learned how much I have missed the very male part of my life which involved crawling around on the floor and in walls doing plumbing!
About 4 pm today, I was thinking just how privileged I was to have been born male.
Actually (another tip from a close friend) I am privileged. She has pointed out on more than one occasion I should appreciate experience not from a gender viewpoint but from a life viewpoint.
Sure, a plumbing project may not be my ideal but it had to get done and as she said I was lucky I knew how to do it.
So-would I be subjected to a double standard by the "Rad Peeps"?
After all, if a genetic female works on plumbing she is pushing the bounds of the female experience. If I'm doing it, it's my male privilege.
I feel almost as good about exercising my privilege as the first flow of water coming out of the faucets!