It's Time to be Proud!

It's the time of year when almost any community of size in the USA commemorates the anniversary of the 1969 "Stonewall" neighborhood bar incident  in New York City.
"Pride" events of all forms are happening across the country-as they should.
As basically the lowest common denominator, where does the everyday transgender person stack up in the situation?
I'm not real positive. Most of the public pride events I see- two things always happen (which are linked to the transgendered community) by people who don't know any better.
The two are drag queens and cross dressers. The queens are doing what they do best, presenting their flamboyant images of women and the cross dressers presenting their flamboyant image of the queens.
NOW, let me say I see nothing wrong with that. After all, the Stonewall incident was the result of queens protests. Also, if a cross dresser is tired of getting busted in the mall in 4 inch heels and 4 inch mini skirt-then this is a chance for another Halloween. Cool!
Neither of these images do me as a transgender woman any good. It's like saying "no that was not me you saw on Jerry Springer."
So I do have an immense amount of respect and pride for all who have stood up, been counted and effected change in our community.
Just forgive me if you happen to see my girlfriend and I kind of strolling hand in hand-totally unnoticed.
Should we call it "stealth-pride"?


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