Dragging Out The "Tupperware"

Apparently selling "Tupperware" is and isn't a drag for "Dixie Longate":
Drag artist Dixie Longate has been selling Tupperware for more than 10 years – most recently through a stage show that doubles as a party – apparently becoming one of the biggest sellers in the US.
She says that, on two occasions now, she has shifted more "fine-quality plastic crap" than anyone else in a year, and been invited to the Tupperware sales conference to collect her tiara. Known as jubilees, these conferences are "fantastic, like a cult without the animal sacrifice ... When I was No 1 last time I had sold $219,000 of Tupperware in a year. Ain't that crazy?"
Dixie Longate
It is.
A party takes place globally every 1.7 seconds, with sales of $2.3b in 2010.
You better "drag" out all the old Tupperware in your cupboards!