If Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars...

Where are transgender folks from?
Perhaps we are the "earthlings"?
Think of the possibilities and the challenges.
No matter if you put a dress on once a week or you've fully transitioned, we earthlings are a unique tribe.
We suffer the same problems as Venus and Mars, and quarrel about them in similar ways. After all, the gravitational pulls of the other two
planets tug on us daily.

We are uniquely flamboyant or conservative in our dress and mannerisms as we struggle on our planet.
The problem with our planet is that we have opened "Pandora's Box" and we can't close it. All the different glittering gifts in the box fascinate! Those gifts send us down different paths we don't understand our self.

Imagine what that must be like for the inhabitants of the other two planets? From downright hatred and violence to curiosity and
acceptance-we get it all!
What's an "earthling" to do?
We hash and rehash our lives here to each other. In many cases we are all we have to communicate the pain and the joy of our planet.
All of this it's helps us to become stronger.

We need to believe in our tribe and embrace it's diversity! We have lived in the other two camps. If in the smallest way you can use that knowledge, you are one of God's chosen creatures. What ever God you believe in.
Communicating with the two other genders is a rare gift. Learning it and using it is the challenge. Accepting the challenge and being successful will make our planet a much better place to live!!!!