Going the Way of the Dinosaur?

Admittedly, in my formative years a pair of pantie hose was as close to heaven as I could get.
Like so many others, I ruined my Mom's on regular occasions.
As I became mobile with my own finances, clothes and hose became easier to obtain.  Seemingly every discount and convenience store had the rack of "Leggs' Egg's".
The more I progressed in the "girl" mode the less impact pantie hose had at all.  In fact these days, women where I live don't wear them at all unless they are 65 or older.
I knew that. I'm "bare legged" in my summer fashion to the greatest extent possible.
Recently, an "admirer" expressed interest in seeing me in "hose and heels."
Not desiring to let him down, I went shopping for a pair of nude pantie hose. Hoping for the best of both worlds.
I needed to make my legs look better, make him happy and still have the bare legged look.
I figured I would go to Wally's World (W-Mart).
They have always had a great selection of hosiery.
WRONG! I'm not exaggerating, the store had only 50 pairs to chose from..
It's summer I know, but come on!
Sadly, another part of my youth has passed me by. No muscle cars with the hot red head slowly crossing those nylon legs!
Well, it's not totally gone. I did buy a pair and loved the experience  last night in my denim skirt! It did feel great to welcome an old friend back to the wardrobe.