Trans "Stylin' and Profilin'

Before being "profiled" began being a non political correct term, here is how the Urban Dictionary defined it:  "Look good- so fresh and clean."

Today of course for all of us from novice cross dressers to stealth transsexuals, stylin' is important for all of us - trans women and men.

Of course the first reason is obvious.  The more we understand our bodies and how to do our best to work "fashion magic" with them, the easier it is for us to navigate the world in our chosen gender. We have a Cyrsti's Condo "Beauty Nook" Room which is stocked full of a few of the sites I visit on a regular basis because what beauty trend or style is in today may be out tomorrow.  196 years ago when I embarked down this feminine transgender path I'm on, a huge part of the fun of being a girl was playing with styles and fashions and still is.

As I was surfing the web universe I discovered a site called "The Fashionable TG Woman" which I urge you to visit.  It's a veritable wealth of ideas and trends which enable you to put your best girl foot forward!

I have added a couple spots here in Cyrsti's Condo for you to link up...our regular blog list and in the Beauty Nook Room, just down the hallway from the upstairs bath and master bedroom.

Check them out!


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