"Gobble Time" in Cyrsti's Condo

For those of you who live in the United States it's Thanksgiving, a time to pause a bit, eat wonderful food with your family and watch football....if you are fortunate.

I am one of the fortunate ones. Later today I will be making a long ten mile round trip to my brothers for a hearty traditional Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Ironically, my family is going through a transition too. My brother's and I's three kids have produced nine grandkids and several years ago I became the "patriarch" of the clan...yes me. I hear you thinking, "How's that working for ya' Cyrsti?"  Well it is kind of strange.  My daughter, son in law and two out of three grand kids are fully aware of what a transgender person is and I identify as one...just not today.  I'm fairly sure the rest of the family (except for the kids) at least knows I have always had a preference for women's clothes.

To the family, I'm sure I'm stuck in time. The hair I can pawn off as being an old hippie (except it's highlighted) but the effects of HRT are much harder to gloss over. Of course my skin texture has changed and as one friend of mine told me she couldn't believe is was 64.  Then said,  those "magic elixirs" I was on seemed to be working wonders. The rest of the family doesn't see me much, so I'm sure they will notice I haven't aged.

The rest is easy, loose clothes over my body, hair up under my ball hat, talk sports or politics with my nephews and ruin my diet. The person I most want to talk to about her breast job is my niece in law but I can't.

You know, I used to feel a bit guilty (or at the least a hypocrite) about not coming out in total to what's left of my family. This year though, I don't.  "Momma Karma" knows I have paid tons of dues during my transgender journey.  Coming up with a "pseudo macho" excuse to show up as a woman to prove my "trans-ness" this year just won't be an option.  Enjoying my time won't be one either!

On the other hand, I know so many of you won't be able enjoy a Thanksgiving due to any number of reasons.  It's not much but I will be sending my positive thoughts to you today! It's a tough time of the year for all too many. That is all too sad.


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