Wishin' and a Hopeing!

One of our readers here in Crysti's Condo passed this video along - with the comment "Why couldn't have he ever looked like this?"
I sent the comment back, "Hell, there are a slew of genetic women who would want to look like that!"

Seriously, as cross dressers or transgender women we need to take a page or two out of the genetic woman handbook: you take what you have and make the best of it. Unlike the Flickr pix he also sent me of an obviously huge guy with a beer belly trying to pass himself off as looking pregnant in a mini dress of some sort. For a second I thought my computer was under a terrorist attack...  Look, I'm not saying (or ever have) myself,  all or many of us can present as an attractive woman at all,  but at the least, try to have some respect!

This video is NOT him cause I love you guys!


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