It's been a minute since I have caught all of you up on all my latest HRT updates.

Knock on my wooden head but all is still very much on track.  Next Friday I have another appointment with my endocrinologist and I hope to resume my conversation with him concerning breast development.  I know HRT can only take me so far and by mutual consent both of us decided to let the hormones take their course for awhile before we make any other decisions. Quite frankly some days I think the process is moving along well and others...not so much. For whatever reason I can tell the most when I wake up in the morning.

As you recall, I go through the Veteran's Administration for my treatment and after a brief struggle they did pay for my endo doc visit this last time and I told them they did need to approve this one coming up. The VA still prefers the assumption my transgender "condition" is somewhat day to day and each appointment should be approved the same way. Of course, I always tell them as soon as they get someone in house to approve my meds, they won't have to approve anymore outside treatment.  Believe me, I am not complaining though and I have even mastered the on line VA health site. On it I can download all my latest blood work, print it and take it with me, including my prescriptions.

I'm far from an expert but my blood levels seem to be in range of the norm in all key areas except my Testosterone which is low. I better get to my local "Low T" center immediately!

The only other issue is the fact the Doc tells me he is prescribing one thing and the VA is filling another. That is his fault and I will resolve the issue this time by having him read the prescription to me. Ironically, another transgender girl friend of mine has an appointment just before me that morning and I told her not to aggravate him before I get a chance to see him.

Finally getting back to the body issues, I'm really beginning to see a change in my hips as evidenced by the fit of a new set of leggings I just bought.  To offset that though is I'm going through another stage of wanting to eat everything including the wall paper and my cat. Have you heard that saying, "a minute on the lips... a lifetime on the hips?" Well if it just was that, I would be OK but it's still going everywhere else too. Plus if you haven't figured it out yet, there is a real reason genetic women obsess about a diet all the time.  HRT helps you put the weight on but then makes it tough to take it off as you transition into a  feminine metabolism.

So there you go kids, our Cyrsti's Condo Waaassss-up update!


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