We Got Mail!

It seems my comment about the "immoral right" in our country stirred some emotion.

As always, my thoughts do not carry to my written word well at times.

First of all, I feel politics and issues now can be compared with sex and gender- each are so different. To me, issues are what effects my life as a citizen and politics have become way for special interest groups to bully the true issues.

Look, I'm old. I have seen a comedy of errors from both political parties. I'm ashamed to explain to my grand kids how my generation did and still does contribute to such a mess. All in all though, what does any of that have to do with the immoral right, left or center? Everything, then again nothing.

The immoral right I was referring to resides in the pulpits of local preachers spouting an endless stream of homo or transphobic hate,  or behind the microphones of Rush Limbaugh or the camera's of Fox News. One could argue the immoral right has simply utilized the polarizing voices of politics and religion to be the most vocal bully on the block. Misinformation and fear have always been powerful tools in any hands.

So there you go.  I never wanted to talk politics here in Cyrsti's Condo but I did and do. It's important to to take a stand and it's important for all of you to do the same. The problem is, the complex issues facing us have no easy answer and no dynamic leadership to offer us clear cut hope.

The true tragedy occurs when we can't talk about it!

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