Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Mystery Solved!

I believe it was at least a year and a half ago when I first wrote of this feminine "mystique" being solved here in Cyrsti's Condo.

One night I was busy on the computer slaving away on yet another "epic" post and the bra I was wearing really began to bug me. The evening was cool and I was wearing a big bulky sweater. I was lazy and didn't want to get up from the computer and make a big deal of taking my bra off.  For some reason I flashed back to a few of my old girlfriends over the years who were quite adept at taking their bra off - under their shirt. In those days I was intimidated and so inexperienced I thought "wow, if I ever get to wear a bra on a regular basis, could I learn to do that too?" Finally years later, I tried it and was successful.

Tonight I was in the same situation, with weather, light sweater and a  bra bugging the hell out of me. As I slid out of the monster, I remembered I had written a post abut the process years ago and maybe I should do it again..

If you have never tried to do it, it's actually quite easy. As I tell everyone if I can do it, so can a trained monkey and no you don't have to be Houdini.

The first step is to work each arm up out of the sleeve it's in. When you do you should have enough room to slide each bra strap down the free arm.  Once you have both straps off your arms, simply move the the bra around to the front of you so you can unhook it.

As I look back though, the girls who were the best at doing it were the ones who could take their bra off while wearing a t-shirt.  You never saw a hint of the bra showing anywhere until they pulled it from underneath their shirt. Of course they were at least 200 times as limber as I then, and 400 times now.

All these years later I wonder if they ever understood my motives were not so much sexual as instructional!

***Don't try this in public kids without experienced supervision!

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