Saturday, August 10, 2013

Phillip Porter and the Privilege Game

I just saw this story this morning (Sat) and assuming it's all true, Phillip Porter may have played one of the most classic privilege shell games ever.

The headlines just scream attention: "Phillip Porter former Transgender Woman and NFL Cheerleader". Phillip just happened to also mention he was a topless dancer too. So if you consider living a glamorous public life as a beautiful woman as "privilege" he had it all.

Why the change? Phil's self proclaimed "mid life crisis". As all genetic women know, at a certain point NFL Cheerleader looks will fall behind and menopause moves into the lead - and as you guessed, Phil decided he probably didn't want any of the hot flashes and fun effects of being a mid life woman.

No gold stars are given out here kids. I'm guessing Phil jumped from a very bleak male privilege situation while the getting was good (and doable evidently) into the female situation and when the going looked to be rough jumped back.

Why? Because he could I guess and I'm fairly sure there are a number of us who would take the easy way out and do the same thing. Let me pull out my SheZow ring and say the magic phrase and I'm a girl until the fun stops and then i'm a guy.
I think the cheer leading photos of Phil's will be interesting when they appear. If they do because of NFL copyrights.  So far I have only been able to find this video and article on the Huffington Post Gay Voices. for you to see.

Who knows, the story could be as interesting as Phil dancing topless?

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