Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cyrsti's Condo Quote of the Day

"If it doesn't kill you, it should at least make you smarter!"

Who knows I may have read this true statement somewhere.  Perhaps on a bathroom wall?  It seems the bathroom philosophy is going the way of the dinosaurs. From my lengthy days in the bar business, from an operators stand point- it's a good thing. As I have said here many times, my belief in the "pristine" women's room was shattered early and often as a manager.
Un named graffiti proof women's room.

As I started to transition and began to visit more women's restrooms, I did read with interest the difference in each gender's bathroom graffiti.  I noticed the sexual content was comparable.  Women got the nod for "marking" their guys by name on the wall positively.  If you are a woman and get mentioned on a men's restroom wall 99% of the time it's probably not a positive-unless you want to be sexually active with strangers.

Finally, I do have to give the genetic women the edge in creativity.  I can not say the quote above didn't come from a women's rest room visit.  My "best of" male wall quote comes years ago 1971, from a college bar called Howard's in Bowling Green, Ohio and evokes the unholy alliance between hockey and religion: Someone wrote "Jesus Saves" and someone added "And Esposito (hockey player) slaps it in"! Nice!

All in all, this lost art form did speak volumes on the difference between the genders on a whole different stage!

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