Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My First Transgender Workshop

I'm no longer a virgin.
Saturday after lunch I stood up before approximately 20 people at the Trans Ohio Symposium and talked about my transgender experience.

To start with, I was happy people showed up at all as there were several other workshops going on at the same time. I was also pleasantly surprised at the diversity of the room. We had a nice mix of transgender women and men plus a few cis females mixed in.
Before I forget, I would love to welcome any of you who were there to Cyrsti's Condo. 

As far as how the workshop went- I hope I find out. Everyone was given a form to fill out and turn it in. No I  didn't fill out my own. We will see how it goes,  as it stands right now,  I have no idea. My girlfriend loved it but she is biased (I hope!).

Mechanically,  I have absolutely no problems speaking to a group. My problems are I'm a bit of a clown and I have a very scattered thought process. Both of which have always hampered my public speaking efforts.

I wish I could add some drama to the whole process but I can't. No I wasn't hung over from the night before, petrified with fear  or sweating non feminine bullets. I was working against an after lunch time slot in a very warm room. Fortunately my speaking experience taught me to read the room and I was able to  finish up before afternoon nap time. (Mine included) It's always a bad sign if your speaker is putting themselves to sleep.

Looking back, I do believe I did too much talking and I would have loved to have more time to hear from the transgender women and men in the room.  My observation though,  the whole symposium was more thought  than action provoking.  There simply was too much information to take back into the world and put into action quickly and I'm not saying that is bad.

Finally, I promise if and when I get my grade and it's good I will tell you. If it isn't, well......

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