Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cross Dressing Anime

After finding this "Top 5: Favorite Cross Dressers / Gender Benders in Anime list, I tossed aside the idea I don't get out much...well at least that's not true on the web.

I knew cross dressing was relatively wide spread in Anime, but I had never seen a list or explanations. Here is my favorite of the five, number two on their list:

"2. Mariya Shidou (Maria Holic) Okay, so this one surprised me the first time around. I don’t know how many people watch Maria Holic (or have heard of it), but Mariya Shidou is actually a boy cross-dressing in order to attend a prestigious all-girl’s high school. His grandmother was the original chairman of the school and, for exact reasons I won’t reveal here, the only way for him to follow her legacy is by attending the school himself. It takes a lot of guts to attend an all-girl’s school just to become chairman. Props for that. But the craziest part about all this is that Mariya’s disguise is so perfect that he becomes the ideal type for the lesbian protagonist, Kanako Miyamae. Twist! Why do I love this character? Because although he has the face of an angel, he is as sinister as the devil and finds enjoyment torturing the poor Kanako in his free time. Kanako just can’t resist his feminine charms, even when she knows his chest is fake. Mariya is a killer beauty, but he has determination! Nothing, not even attending an all-girl’s school, will stop him from becoming chairman!"

I love the site bio too:

"Population GO is made up of a team passionate about geek and otaku culture. Our goal is to entertain, inform, and most importantly, provide GO content to those who share the same love and appreciation. This is a place for geeks, otaku, nerds, fanboys and fangirls alike."

Go here for more!

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