Wednesday, May 18, 2022

While My Blog Gently Weeps

 As I was opening my email and Facebook accounts this morning I was shocked to see one of my favorite

Condo cover girls, Melonee Malone had passed away recently from a massive stroke in her sleep. 

Her wife Lisa wanted us all to remember Melonee by the words she repeated every morning. "I will be a better woman than I was the day before." Both her and Lisa helped to do just that by aiding novice transgender women in their native Wisconsin. 

Even though I never had a chance to meet Melonee or Lisa in person, they are the kind of good people I would have wanted to,

Rest in Woman Power! My best hopes for rapid healing powers go out to Lisa.


  1. This is so hard to hear. My prayers go out.

    Please don't take this as a judgment in any way, but I do hope and pray that her stroke had nothing to do with her transition. The reason that I can't use female hormones is that I would be super-susceptible to a stroke or embolism, so I can't help but have this thought filling my mind right now. She appears to have been so young, too. <3

  2. Good point but the only thing I know is massive strokes ran in her family. Perhaps the will to live as her authentic self was too overwhelming or she received poor medical advice. I just don't know.