Sunday, May 22, 2022

A Musical Expert

 When I asked for more input on other transgender or cross dresser related music, I forgot to think about Connie who in many ways is our musical expert around here. 

Here are her additions to our trans musical list:

"Not counting the 50+ trans-themed parodies I've written and performed, there are two Beatles songs

Photo Courtesy Connie Malone

that come to mind. There is speculation whether or not either of them was purposely trans related, but their lyrics certainly grabbed the ear of this trans girl. The song, "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," has that mixed-up verse where Desmond does his pretty face, and at night she is a singer with the band (instead of it being Molly, as in an earlier verse). Did John really just mess up the lyrics there, or was he saying that Desmond was trans or a female impersonator? Since I have done just exactly that many times, it's the only way I picture it, myself. In "Get Back" there is that talk of Sweet Loretta, who was a man who thought she was a woman. There are all sorts of theories about that song, but, of course, my interpretation has always been influenced by my own gender identity.

I've also been subjected to the "cleverness" of an idiot who laughed with his buddies after putting "Dude Looks Like a Lady" on the jukebox. I don't get it, cuz I've never been anything like a "dude." :-) Then, there was the a-hole at karaoke who arranged, privately, to sing "Lola" and then asked me to go up with him for "support." People often ask me to help them, so it didn't bother me until I was on the stage and the intro to the song started playing. I walked right off the stage, and later gave the karaoke host the what-for - to which she replied that it hadn't even occurred to her that it might have been a joke at my expense. We can't help but be sensitive to these things, but they are usually not worthy of anything more than an eye-roll. As Amy Schneider, the recent Jeopardy! champion, said of the negative comments she was receiving, nobody could ever come up with anything she hadn't thought about herself countless times over her lifetime"

Thanks for the extra input! Amy Schneider was certainly correct in that no one could say anything more negative about ourselves than we have ever thought. I know with me, "Dude Looks Like a Lady" still resonates when I look in the mirror on certain mornings. On those occasions anymore, I remember the number of times in the past when the mirror has lied to me and simply move on with my life. 

I just wish I was musically inclined enough to write my own retort to "Dude". 


  1. To tell you the truth, I never listened to the lyrics for "Dude" beyond the chorus, which is repeated endlessly. I just looked them up, though, and I see that there are only a couple of verses, anyway, and they don't do much for the whole song. All I get from the story of the song is that the guy went to a dive bar that had a musical act, and the guy, entranced by the glitzy picture outside the bar, went backstage to meet the woman in the pic. The woman reveals her "dudeness" by showing the guy her penis, and then the guy can't stop shouting about it. So, to me, the song is all about homophobia and transphobia. Of course, it also has to be demeaning, in that it sexualizes gender variance. "Lola" also sexualizes and plays on the fears of a man who feels deceived. The joke, though, is that neither of the songs really ends with us knowing what happened after the discovery. As is most often the case for us trans folk, the problem lies in the minds of other people. We are just being ourselves, and very few of us are out to fool anyone.

    Looking in the mirror, you can always channel Shanya Twain, and just sing out: Man, I feel like a woman! :-)

    1. True! And went I played Twain on a diesel butch lesbian bar one time they didn't see the humor in it! :)