Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Big Change in the VA?

 I recently received a comment from a fellow transgender veteran Michelle concerning the Veterans Administrations recent announcement they (the VA) would start supporting gender realignment surgeries.

I am a bit slow in sharing this as referenced in this post from the "Orlando Weekly":

During a Pride event in Orlando over the weekend, the head of the US Department of Veterans Affairs announced that VA hospitals would begin working on a program to provide gender-affirming surgeries to veterans.

Secretary Denis McDonough said he was starting a two-year-long process that would equip VA hospitals with the training to provide surgery to transgender veterans, calling the move "the right thing to do."

Needless to say, this is exciting news for trans vets everywhere!

Thanks Michelle. 


  1. It is good news, but we will see joy know that we have real progress when the next Republican Administration doesn't dismantle the program. My advice to anyone who needs the help is to get it NOW, while the getting is good. Hopefully, this policy will remain in place, but one never knows.

    1. I share your paranoia. Hopefully we will never have to face it!

  2. Remember that the article did state that the VA needs to find medical staff the can perform the procedures. Unfortunately, as with all government programs it will take some time to get it established. I'm with Lisa about if the republican party has anything to do with it, we will see that taken away. I'm also fully aware of the transphobe medical staff that the VA has down here in Florida.
    As you said Cyrsti about having a hint of paranoia, I will be waiting to see what will happen. I hope to find out more this weekend when I meet with several members of the LGBTQ group that works in the VA.