Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Old Picture with Fake Curves and Hair.

 As I rapidly approach my upcoming endocrinologist appointment early next week, I happened to  observe a real improvement in my bodies' feminine development.  My hormone replacement therapy path has been slower than most I feel because of an abundance of caution due to my age.

After starting HRT New Years Eve 2013, I was taken off hormones for six months shortly after and was allowed to resume my minimum dosage. Through it all, I still felt the changes were occurring. It wasn't until recently I began to feel somewhat impatient with my changes. My Doc responded with increasing my Estradiol patch dosage. All of a sudden, changes began again. 

Most noticeable to me was the pesky hair on my arms began to finally thin out. Before it did, routinely I had to shave my arms which I am aware can make the problem worse over time. 

Circling back to yesterday, the weather around here in Cincinnati turned warm again and I had a chance to dress appropriately. I found my patterned light weight leggings and paired them with a three quarter sleeve tunic top which falls softly over my hips. Yes, I said hips. Hiding from me the last several months was how developed my hips were becoming.

For once, my transgender gender dysphoria took a break as I checked out a glimpse of the femininized  person I was becoming. 

Even though I know my dysphoria is a powerful foe, I take any small victories I can get and cherish them.

At the least my relief will last a couple days, at least until my Doc visit and go from there.  As you Cyrsti's Condo regulars know, I was considering requesting injections to hopefully kickstart more progress but now I think I am content to continue the path I am on.   


  1. As I commented to Kelly at Unordinary Style, "Hip, Hip, HOORAY!!!" I wonder if Covid19 has anything to do with the sudden emergence of hips. Probably not.

    While my shape remains as padded as a senator's expense account, I'm happy the HRT is doing its job on you. Are you now a Hippy Hippie, then?

  2. Even though I have always had a difficult time defining "happy" definitely I am a Hippie! :)