Monday, February 15, 2021

A Blast from the Past

 Recently I was surprised to see a post on Facebook from one of my old transgender friends from the earliest days of us exploring the feminine world for the first time. Over the years we have moved far away from each other and she has undergone several surgeries to enhance her appearance as a transgender woman. Her name is Racquel (pictured below).

Interestingly her post concerned several early visits to "straight" venues when we went through unique musical harassments:

I’m eating a burger at Buffalo Wild Wings. And they just played Dude Looks Like a Lady by Aerosmith. And that’s fine. Because if I complained about it the staff would apologize profusely.

Six years ago the world was very different. I would hang out with Cyrsti and people would play Dude Looks Like a Lady on the jukebox just to intimidate us, and there was certainly nobody who cared if we complained."

All of Racquel's memories are unfortunately so true and even she didn't get to witness the night when a group of drunk rednecks kept on playing the mentioned hated song. It got so bad, instead of doing anything about it, the manager just told me to leave. Even though weeks later I was approached in a neighboring venue by a bartender in the banned place and asked to return. It seemed the person who kicked me out got fired for drug abuse. Revenge was mine but the hurt remains, even to this day.

I do agree with Racquel though the world has changed from the "mean" old days but we still have such a long way to go.


  1. Yes, sometimes when the world seems set against us it is good remember that although progress is nit always in a straight line, it has happened ~ the Old Days were not always the Good Old Days.

  2. I refuse to hate:
    thats Satan's tactic;
    however, Im gonna tell
    you the Truth: when we
    breathe our last, what
    do you wish to called?
    Aint no trans in Heaven;
    you cannot stay on earth.
    Seek help.
    I did.

    (the most non-threatening piece
    I have ever wRITTn. Again, I dont
    hate; I love everyone. I would
    sooner die for you than see you
    in any other realm but where Im
    after your lifelong demise).


    1. Wow! A real live religious response. I did seek help and was able to live my true authentic feminine self.
      It's easy, when I breathe my last breath I want to be known as my self...the self I should have been my whole life...a woman.