Monday, January 4, 2021

Transgender Upheaval in Germany

 "Degrading, expensive and illogical" — that is how one trans* person described her experience of legally changing her gender in Germany.

Felicia Rolletschke (below) is one of many transgender activists who is fighting for a reform to the so-called Transsexual Law, which determines the legal process for trans* people to change their gender and name in Germany. By the beginning of 2021, the law will have been in place for 40 years — a time frame in which many countries around the world have seen great upheaval in their legislation around trans* rights.

There are currently two bills before the German parliament that aim to ease this process with a new "self-determination law" (Selbstbestimmungsgesetz). Activists hope such a law would reform the current costly, lengthy process — but the reform has faced some stiff opposition.

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  1. Selbstbestimmungsgesetz? Such a long word for easing a process! :-)

  2. We have been trying to get the process eased here in the UK as well, but have come up against a concerted campaign by organised anti-trans campaigners. It has been quite vitriolic and both upsetting and tiring. Much of the campaign seems to have been funded by far right groups from the US, it looks like our rights may be more restricted than they were before as a consequence. I trust your new President will undo the damage done by the incumbent!

    1. We trust in him too! It's a shame the far right groups in this country can't mind their own bigoted business and out of yours.