Saturday, January 16, 2021

Emma Said it Better

 One of the writers I follow on "Medium" is Emma Holiday. 

From what I can gather, she is roughly the same age as I and has shared many of the similar transgender experiences.

Today I thought I would share her latest post "Who is Emma?"

"It took time, a lifetime for me, to understand that she and he are truly just one person. The thoughts they shared were always a collective sharing of perceptions, ideas and beliefs. They are a brother and a sister to each other. They protect and consoled each other. Their endless internal conversations eventually provided the strength for Emma to finally emerge.

She is transgender. She combines a life time of male experiences with the soul of a woman. She has the remarkable opportunity to draw on her gender and her sex to see the world with a unique perspective and to share it with those who care."

Plus there is more: Go here to read it.

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