Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Why Are Men Scared of Women?

 It's easier to say why are men so scared of transgender women but it goes so far past all of that. 

To begin with, many men have a frail grasp on their sexuality. Trans women represent the idea to men they may be gay. Plus, since we have spent time on their side of the gender spectrum, we may know more of the so called "tricks" they pull. The farther I transitioned, the more I wondered if I was as transparent in my dealings with women as men were being with me. I found out quite early in my transition how to "dumb" myself down if I was talking about a sports topic with a man. 

Men have a much narrower social structure than women. While women are building their lives around children they have and a man they love, men are building their lives around power structures such as money, sports etc.  All too often, a woman is looked upon as an acquisition of sorts. She must look nice in a car or on the back of a motorcycle. Then in mid life, women can be cast aside for a "new model."

Rather if it evident or not, men know women ultimately hold all the cards. Women have the children and potentially have the ability to live longer. Recently, more and more "glass" ceilings have been shattered. Including in previously male dominated areas such as sports. 

In baseball, the Marlins announced Kim Ng would be the first woman to lead a professional baseball team and more and more in football you are seeing female officials on the field. Then several years ago there was Patti Dawn Swansson, below the Canadian sports writer who transitioned on the job in Winnipeg (Thanks Bobbi). 

Unfortunately, many men are violent humans as cis women learn early in life which effects transgender women as we transition. Shielding ourselves from violent men is a priority when it comes to losing a big part of your male privilege. It's tragic when you consider all the trans lives which are lost each year due to senseless murders. Deep down, the men are threatened by the sexual control women, cis or transgender, have on them.

Finally, men at all levels of society have had to adjust to the push of women to succeed. Sowing the seeds of insecurity. With insecurity comes fear.  


  1. I believe you hit the nail squarely on the proverbial head when it comes to men. I once had some guy define women, especially wives as chattel.

    Back in the earlier years, before the 1900's, women were often treated as mere servants to the master of the house. They had no opinion nor were allowed to become educated. Their sole purpose in life was to have children, cook clean and tend to the fields/herds.

    Spring forward to today's society and you find that men are still trying to maintain that dominance over women. But unfortunately after WWII, when women maned the manufacturing plants and kept the economy going, men started to lose that dominance. Women became more than just homebound workers. Yes, men regained their place in industry but women learned how to manipulate the industries. They still held the administrative sections. Men tried desperately to maintain the breadwinner position but found that they needed women's earnings, more to help move up to the better life.

    Now in today's society, women have gained many footholds into the workplace because so many men decided to leave them behind for greener grasses so to speak. Women found that they needed to keep their families going without men. Since 1960, females have maintained a 50.5% ratio in the population and if all indications are correct the female population will become the dominant gender in the world. Also with intersexed births on the rise(at least the ones that are reported) and trans women coming out to the world, many men, who try to be dominate, will have to realize that they are no longer in the driver's seat. Women have become stronger, smarter and more diverse in their standings in life.

  2. Sorry about the rantings of this old woman. I guess after all these years of trying to be the woman I am started spilling out.

  3. I definitely didn't perceive your comment as "ranting!"