Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Twizzler Candy Commercial

 Twizzler is a candy which as far as I know comes in licorice and strawberry flavors. Recently, where I live here in Cincinnati, Ohio Twizzler has been re-running a 2019 commercial which really hits home for me. In the commercial the spouse is driving and the guy is off deep in thought. Finally she asks him what is he thinking about. As he eats a Twizzler, he wonders if it is all right at his age to start skate boarding.


During a vacation my wife and I took one year, the same thing happened to me. The only difference was I had a much more serious problem to ponder. Could I ever become a transgender woman. My life at the time was in very good shape. My wife and I loved each other deeply and my job was riding a pinnacle of success. Yet, here I was lost in thought pondering my future. 

Perhaps the worst part about the whole thing was I don't remember telling my wife what was really bothering me. I was still trying to out run my gender dysphoria which was slowly but surely tearing me apart. 

Sadly, my thoughts ruined much of the fun of the vacation. Maybe a Twizzler would have helped?


  1. I think that many of us, after seeing that commercial, have those flashbacks to "I wonder if?" monents in our lives.

  2. I am glad somehow that I am not alone in my thoughts on that commercial. Thanks!