Friday, September 11, 2020


 It's September 11th. A day which was seared into the reality of most American's who were alive at that time. 

I still remember vividly I was getting ready for work and I happened to be watching television. My wife at the time worked at a bookstore very close to a major air force base so I called her with the news. At the same time the second plane hit the other tower. Life changed forever in that instant. 

Let's take this moment to remember all of those lives lost and affected. 


  1. I too remember that day vividly. I worked for DoD at the time and was at work when the first plane hit. My wife had called me to tell me about it when my boss called and told me to round up the summer hires and get them to a safe place. When the second plane hit, the entire base was locked down. Shortly after that, we learned about the one that hit the Pentagon. By then we had started security procedures to lock down the base. All the while, I had 11 scared teenaged summer hires bombarding me with questions and wanting to leave.

  2. Wow! That is quite the experience! Thanks for sharing :)