Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Getting By

As the days go by during this pandemic, I know it is increasingly difficult to keep your mental girl in check and healthy. I for one am fortunate because I have been able to exist with very few problems. I was able to set in stone my inner girl long before any of this started. When I get up in the morning, I am finally blessed to know which gender I am. For most of my life, I wasn't so lucky as I suffered from extreme gender dysphoria.   

Now my major problem is convincing Liz we can be safe enough to go out to dinner. We never get out anymore much at all, even to the point of having our groceries brought to us courtesy (at a price) by Amazon. Even though getting out doesn't do anything for my feminine self, getting free from the old four walls in the house certainly does. After all, getting my flirt on with the waiter who was flirting with me the last time we did get out to eat was fun. 

I feel sorry for all the novice cross dressers and/or transgender persons in the one group I am part of. They are scrambling to find themselves during this entire mess. Fortunately for them, there is a new group in the Cincinnati, Ohio metro area who is offering nearly total support services for transgender individuals. From therapy to hormones and beyond. 

In the meantime, I don't know why but the days are flying by and fall will be here soon. Unfortunately, people still don't seem to understand the sacrifices needed to keep this pandemic at bay and it looks like college football may be cancelled. Missing out on an Ohio State Buckeye season would be tragic. All indicators are pointing to the fact it may happen though. 

Getting by will be tougher for this girl. 

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  1. What's that your mother used to say? Something about the toilet paper roll moving faster, the closer it gets to its end? Still, your Saturdays may seem to go by slower without Buckeye football.

    I still do the grocery shopping, as that's the only thing I do to get out of the house anymore. Well, I do drive my wife to work and back two days a week, but that doesn't really count. I am not one of those who wears a mask while driving, so I can, at least, wear some lipstick! I also get to drive my wife's nice Mustang, which is usually unavailable for me to drive by myself. The other day, after dropping her off downtown, I stopped at a light. I heard a woman's voice shout out, "Hey gorgeous!" When I turned her direction to look through the downed window, she continued with, "You really wear that car well." I answered back in my usual smart-ass way, and asked, "It doesn't make my butt look big, does it?" Thinking about it, on the way home, I realized that it had been the only maskless encounter I'd had with anyone, other than my wife, for over three months. Nobody seems to even notice me when I'm driving my mini van to the grocery store - lipstick or not. :-)