My partner Liz was repairing a transgender woman friend of mines necklace and needed to return it to her. Finally, Saturday night she gave in and we met at our favorite restaurant to return the necklace. Even though we were socially distanced on the restaurant's patio and were wearing masks as were all the employees Liz still wasn't totally sold on going. Ironically what tipped the scales in my direction were Tarot cards. Liz had one of her spirit classes. She consulted the cards about going and received a positive response. 

Spirit was correct and all of us stayed socially distanced and had a great time. For the first time in months I was out and about  as safe as I could possibly be under the circumstances.

I even dressed up. I wore my soft green patterned maxi dress with flats. for makeup, I went with a light covering of charcoal eye color, no foundation (since it was too hot for it anyhow) and my Merlot tinted Lip Gloss. I was able to style my hair enough to get by and we were off for our exceedingly rare night out.

To make a long story short, outside of one old lady who was doing her best not to show she was staring at me through her sun glasses, I made a close friend with a pitcher of Margaritas and had a great time. 

Better yet, my trans friend paid the dinner tab. 

Unless something drastic happens here in Ohio with the virus, I am thinking the nights out will be few and far between.