Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A New Acceptance

It's been Ohio hot around here. Heat index highs daily have registered over 100 degrees (F) for a week now. To make matters worse, our air conditioner in the house doesn't work. Due to these conditions, I have decided to pursue my "natural" look more completely. 

Of course, it is easy because I don't go anywhere to speak of since I am staying home to be safe. On occasion though, I do have to go out. This morning was an example. My partner Liz had an emergency prescription she needed picked up at the pharmacy.  Since I wasn't doing anything else important, I volunteered to go get it for her. 

For the first time I can remember I just went as I was and used the drive through. I just pulled my hair back and went for it. I was wearing sleeveless tank top, jeans and tennis shoes. Of course, as I did it it wasn't such a big deal because all I did was go through a drive thru. 

But after I returned home, I began to think of all those years I had to try to get dressed up to even consider going out. I guess I should give ll my thanks to the effects of hormone replacement therapy. It has taken me to a point past androgyny and all the way to being feminine enough to get by with out much work.

This new acceptance of who I am has come just in time for a hot summer!

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  1. For some reason, the chorus to this old Jerry Reed song comes to mind:

    When you're hot, you're hot .....................
    When you're not, you're not

    Of course, the song is not about the temperature, and refers to gambling rather than feminine presentation. At the same time, though, I can remember sweating out some attempts at feminine presentation, and doing so can also be a gamble - that is, it's a gamble if I think of it as a win or lose proposition.

    I haven't been working for the past couple months, but my wife has returned to work two days a week. Her usual form of transportation was the bus, but we don't trust those rolling petrie dishes these days. So, I have been driving her to and from work. When I do, I'm often reminded of my childhood, when we had only one car, and my mom would drive my dad to work in the morning when she needed the car during the day. She still had the curlers in her hair, so she covered it with a scarf. Her nightgown was covered by a car coat, and the only makeup she wore was lipstick. Sometimes, she would put on sunglasses.

    I do much the same, now, except that I have no hair for curlers and cover my head with a wig instead of a scarf. I'm probably just as vain as my mother was, but some things are not worth all the time and trouble of getting all prettied-up to do. As a child in the back seat, I somehow related to, and admired, my mother more so than I did my father for going to work.

    It's funny that I don't really have recollections of the afternoons, when we went back to pick my dad up. I know that my mother was fully dressed and made up, as am I when I pick my wife up now. Maybe, when one is sure of herself, the song should go:

    When you're hot, you're hot,
    When you're not.......you're STILL HOT!