Ex Wives

One of the very few times of the year when I have to deal with people who knew the old me, is when my daughter has get togethers for the family.

Over the years, I have two ex wives (one is deceased) one ex fiance, long gone since before I joined the Army and a partner (Liz) who I have been around for over eight years now. One thing I need to say is all of the women I mentioned knew in some way of my gender struggles. However, only one...Liz has been able to nurture my transgender nature.

My surviving wife remains a solid acquaintance and she is the mother of my only daughter. So, I normally see her a couple times a year during one of my daughter's meet ups.

I did see her a couple days ago on Thanksgiving. As we were getting ready to leave, she turned to me and said how good I looked. I was stunned and (even I) was temporarily without words. Finally I recovered and deflected the compliment to my VA health care for some unknown reason.

I can only imagine what she really thought since she has been around me since the mid 1970's and quite a few years of my earliest cross dressing adventures. After all, she witnessed more than her share of my earliest mistakes as a feminine person.

Hopefully, one of these days I can figure out how to properly thank her for the compliment.


  1. Speaking as one who is yet to have an ex-wife (I live in fear that it could, even after over 47 years, happen on any given day), it can also be a bit surprising and disarming to receive a compliment from my wife. Of course, I don't do well with being complimented by anyone. I have learned, though, to just say "thank you" when it happens. I've often joked that all I ever wanted to do was to be the prettiest girl in the room, but I also have to add that, if my wife is also in the same room, it ain't never gonna happen!

  2. That's a tough one...but if you can figure out a way to make the compliment, it's probably appropriate!


  3. Within the trans community I consider myself to be very lucky, my wife and I are great friends. We cannot be together, not least since (to my great surprise) neither of us are lesbians! I know I caused my wife a great hurt but we agreed to keep talking and be polite for the sake of our daughter, from this we remembered that we quite liked each other. She is now one of my biggest supporters, and the one person I can rely on to tell me when I look rediculous.


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