More Blood Tests

Yesterday marked yet another trip North to Dayton, Ohio to visit my Veterans Administration therapist. Everything went well as my overall mental health has been positive since almost all of my major tests have come back positive. More precisely, my three heart exams and one lung exam. I still have the most difficult test of all coming up, a colonoscopy early next week.  As  Connie would say...a real pain in the rear :).

My blood test yesterday was extremely important in that it checked my body's hormone levels. My endocrinologist wanted the results to see if it will be safe to increase my estradiol. I am very excited to find out the results. Estradiol by the way, is a form of estrogen.

My warning always is, DO NOT attempt to self medicate with estradiol or any other HRT medications. Doing so can be extremely dangerous to your health.


  1. I might say that, but I think you'll find the day and night before much more of an ordeal. Plus, it can be a bit disconcerting to have one's bits and pieces exposed, but the drugs will wipe away any dysphoria soon enough. My gastroenterologist always sends me a gallery of pics a few days later, but nothing I'd want to use as a profile pic. :-)


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