Saturday, August 4, 2018

Dressing for the Troops?

Shelle lles sent in a great comment concerning my seemingly constant quandaries about what I wear to certain events, especially around other trans women or cross dressers: (the troops)

"You are a dear friend so I hope you won't take this the wrong way, but I notice that most of the events you attend are with other transgender people or dressers.
Which may or may not drive your choice of wardrobe at these events.
I mainly go to just regular people events so I observing mostly cisgender lady's I tend to dress more like what I observe in a more or less normal type situation so I don't worry as much about makeup and that kind of thing because the women I'm around mostly don't do it. Of course I do enjoy having nice nails, hands and feet and some jewelry, but for the most part I'm pretty natural.
Just offering a slightly different perspective here.
I as I look at my life I have come to realize that I really didn't set out to be a Transgender, I just knew I was always a woman and not so much anything else. I guess being a transgender was never my goal, even though that's what I would be labeled by people on that side of life. I live in the regular world as a woman which is where I think I belong best."

To be certain, some of the events I go to are dominated by transgender women and or cross dressers. However, just as many aren't. For example, the picnic I am going to Sunday, I probably will be the only trans woman there. Plus on karaoke nights, the group meets in a very straight bar and I loath thinking I would stand out like a clown. Several of the "girls" manage to do it every week when they try to sing, or worse yet dance. I keep telling myself there is a place in heaven for a six foot two person in three inch heels trying to find rhythm  and then dance. Oh well, at least they are having fun, I just couldn't subject myself to that.
I like your perspective and attempt at all times to dress to blend. Sometimes though, it's fun to just try to show off. Being the bitch I can be (and I never say anything) I can't help but notice how many of the other "attendees" may spend a little too much time in the thrift stores.
One of the bigger compliments (I think) I have received in a while was last night, when Liz asked me if I was going to finish my make-up and I had previously. I too agree, iand as much as I can, I go the natural route. 
Thanks for the thought provoking comment!  

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  1. While I was working yesterday on the waterfront, a trans woman passed by. If she noticed me at all, I don't know. I still gave a smile to her, even if my fashion police training had me almost aghast at her style. She was well over six feet tall, and her build was like that of a basketball player - narrow at the hips and broad in the shoulders. She looked as though she was walking for the exercise, and there are many who walk, jog and run in that area. She did not, however, blend in with the exercise (or any other) crowd. Her shorts were way too short and made of sweat pant material. Her top was loose-fitting, which, along with the too-short and too-tight shorts, only accentuated her (manly) build. She leaned forward at about a 30 degree angle as she made her long strides, and with her arms hanging so low as to seemingly be dragging knuckles in a Neanderthal manner. The over-done makeup and bad wig topped off the look. I so had the urge to stop my work and chase her down to give her some fashion tips, but, of course, I did not. Maybe she was out like that because she'd wanted to do so ever since the 70's, when her look was in style.

    I have to give that trans woman her props, as she was out among the "regular" people just as I was. If I had to guess, though, she had come out not too very long ago. I hope she learns some things about style soon from a friendly person, and not the hard way. Of course, I learned some time back that, in the local trans/cross dresser group, those in the know are reluctant to help out a novice for fear of hurting her feelings. But, OMG, they will make all sorts of nasty comments behind her back. I, on the other hand, received my fashion police stars even before stepping out of the closet. HaHa!