Monday, July 30, 2018


Thanks for the responses concerning my test post. One thing I neglected to mention, the G-pad was nearly free with my phone upgrade. I feel pretty spiffy with my new girly sparkly phone case :).

And, no Connie, it's not a G-spot phone. Jeni, I wish I could understand half of what you were telling me. I am very technological challenged!

 If the device turns on and works, I am happy. Plus, the cute guy who did all the work,  managed to transfer everything from my old phone and didn't mis-gender me once.


  1. Any phone works if you set it to vibrate! :-)

  2. Sorry about all the seeming fancy tech stuff. I had no idea that it was part of a telco contract bundle. I'd thought you'd bought the tablet outright. I was simply wondering precisely what you'd gotten, which would give a clue as to whether it would viably work for mobile productivity.

    Different models over the years, have different capabilities, and some for whatever reason simply don't sell well, so the telcos bundle those poor selling devices with contracts just to clear stock.

    As for looks, a case would actually make my phone look worse, not better. My phone is a 2014 LG G3 in Burgundy Red.
    My tablet, and its case are boring business black. There's no easy way to make it look fashionable.

  3. Thanks! I am inherently clumsy, so I need all the protection I can get with my devices. I figured this time I would not do boring black.