Saturday, July 21, 2018

Just a Touch

Finally! In Deborah Boland's Fabulous After 40 fashion blog, I glimpsed my first view of Fall fashion. For several reasons, fall is my favorite time of the year. First, the weather is cooling down and the leaves are turning beautiful colors. Second, I love the fashions with soft sweaters and boots returning to the fashion scene and three, fall always represented to me a certain finality of change. One of which could finally propel me into a dreamed of life of living as a woman. 
Plus, as I looked at this outfit, I remembered the boots I have which look just like these. Somehow, I had tucked them away and forgot I had them! So I have a brand new pair for this fall. And, of course I love the jeans and sweater! Can't wait for Fall!


  1. Fall used to be the time, many years ago, when I could take a day off and dress up at home while the kids were in school; not so many opportunities over the summer. Of course, one fall afternoon started a family sh*t fire when my daughter came home early from school one day.

    Nevertheless, I, too, enjoy the colors and textures of my autumn wardrobe. Having lost weight (down to college weight and working toward high school weight - just 10 more pounds to go!), I am so loving my summer wardrobe and showing some skin, though. I'm sure that the cooler weather will come along soon enough, but I could wait (pun intended) a bit longer this year. :-)

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss!

  3. My favourite season as well. Lovely colours in the trees, a calm in the air, comfortable temperatures and a lack of pollen to trigger my hay fever, not forgettng the clothes of course.