Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Off to See the Wizard

Or...at least off to attend another Veteran's Administration transgender support group meeting.

It will be interesting in a sense if I can relay what I learned at the Trans Ohio Symposium. Including feminizing vocal sessions and free wigs and breast forms. As I wrote before, with the increasing numbers of woman vets the VA is seeing now, wigs and breast forms aren't so surprising.

Hopefully, the meeting will be attended too by the person who always complains about the VA not doing more for it's transgender veterans. Basically, you can get help with HRT and not much else, such as surgery. I can hear her now...she doesn't need breast forms, has already bought a wig, so where are the make-up classes???

Regardless, I think I am going to wear my tight jean style leggings along with one of my new lightweight gauzy tops for the trip.

Plus, in case you are curious, the car is back and no (Connie) it isn't old enough to have the the side "wing" windows. It's a warm day though, time for the "270" air conditioning.   Roll down two windows and drive 70 miles per hour. I may have to wear my hair pulled back today!


  1. I really miss wing windows. They were simple, but effective in keeping air flowing throughout the car without having to roll down the large windows (which, by the way, really causes a drag that leads to reduced fuel efficiency).

    I let out a deep sigh today, watching an older guy drive by me in a Miata with the top down. I was waiting for a bus. I may be an older gal, but I think that car would look a lot better with me in the driver's seat - and I would still look cute in it, too. Who needs AC, anyway?!?

  2. Unfortunately there will always be someone that complains that they are never getting enough. I know the VA meetings down here provide as much support as they can under the present financial constraints. Besides the VA is a HEALTH provider not a beauty supplt store. As for where are the make-up classes, all she has to do is ask some of the other in the group for help.

    1. Great points! I think she just talks to hear herself talk.