Saturday, March 3, 2018

Trans Dar?

Our Friday night out came and went without any world beating changes.

The only points of interest came when another of the transgender women took it upon herself to critique my appearance from the support group to last night's "social" night out. Obviously, it was unsolicited. I was good and didn't ask if that was the only dress she had, since she has worn it the last three times I saw her. Sometimes it isn't so much fun being good!
Picture from my first "cis girls" out night.

Also of interest was the tall blond woman who walked in in the low cut dress. My trans-dar was immediately set off... but if she was trans, she had a wonderful singing voice singing karaoke. Liz though, noticed her very big hands, and was strongly thinking she was.

There was one potentially transphobic comment when one of our transgender members got up to sing and someone yelled "Show us what you got!"  What a jerk!!!

Other than those three happenings, the night was very enjoyable!


  1. Well, I wasn't anywhere near Ohio last night, so the tall blonde with the wonderful singing voice and large hands wasn't me; could have been, though ;-)

    The first thing I thought of saying back to that jerk who yelled "show us what you got" was something like: "You'd need a magnifying glass to show us what you got." I love the challenge of dealing with hecklers when I'm on stage! Not too often, though.

    1. Fortunately, I am not so sure the singer even heard the jerk:)

  2. People like "that" are everywhere - other than "that", I'm glad your evening went fairly well....