Thursday, February 15, 2018

She's Baaack!

Once again, my lap top started dong crazy things and kicked me off. Luckily after a couple days of losing arm wresting with it, I was able to commandeer another computer to post with.  Hopefully the problem with the lap top is finding an obscure back up password which Liz has tucked away.

In the meantime, the only thing of note which has happened was another trip to the Dayton VA. I wore my new Red softy sweater, jeans and walking tennis shoes. Not very sexy, but very comfortable for a normally very long hike across the parking lot.

I had to have my blood labs taken, which normally isn't a bad deal, but this time I was unlucky enough to be a pin cushion for a brand new student.  She stuck the syringe in and nothing happened. Then she panicked and wildly began looking around for help from her "teacher" who was out of the room bitching about some sort of other problem.

Finally she found help and after profuse apologies, managed to take my blood. I think I only was called a mumbled "he" once. I have a hard and fast rule to not aggravate people who are sticking needles in me though, so I didn't say anything. Plus, I couldn't be sure if I didn't make it up.

My next appointment, was a rare one with the transgender psychiatrist I see every now and then. My regular therapist is a psychologist. Unfortunately, she wasn't there yesterday and I saw someone else.

So, all in all, a pretty uneventful day!

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