Wednesday, January 3, 2018

There is Hope

After I received this Cyrsti's Condo comment from Paula Goodwin I got to thinking (scary):

"To miss quote Shakespeare it often appears from this side of the pond that "all in the house of the States is rotten. It is really good to hear that there are still positive things going on in the land that elects gun touting thugs se pests and bigots on purely partisan grounds. I will try to renew faith in "The Land of the Free"
To be truthful Paula, it is sometimes difficult to maintain the faith around here. Usually though, about that time, something comes along to restore my faith.
Even though IQ-45 (t-rump) is quickly trying to infiltrate the court system with anti-LGBT judges, the pro transgender forces now have a financed and experienced legal force of our own. Not to mention the political gains we mentioned in a recent Cyrsti's Condo post.
Most importantly though, are the pro LGBT leanings of the younger generation. If you put all the bullying news behind us, the future should be bright. If left unattended, the younger generation doesn't seem to see gender as specifically as we did.
As far as Congress and issues such as gun control go, I agree, the system is rotten to the core. Hopefully, those of us screaming in the vacuum will prevail.
The "Land of the Free" has been sliding for quite awhile now, with the proper care and people working within the system, it can again.

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