Home from the Doctor

I needed to take Liz's son to the doctor this morning, so I had to get up a bit early and make myself presentable. Fortunately anymore, the process doesn't take too long. Most times, just around 15 min to a half hour.

It's still really cold around here, so I had to bundle up in boots, jeans, sweater and heavy knitted scarf.

Not that I had much doubt, everything went as planned and Junior's visit did too.

Now, I have to schedule another mammogram. Since my maternal grand mother passed away from breast cancer, the VA is rather fanatical about scheduling me one every year. The good thing is, every year I seem to have more "mass" to scan. The bad thing is, where I go, is for some reason chilly in the place. It would seem like, the center would try to keep it warmer.

Overall though, I view a mammogram as a necessary hassle of my transgender transition. If I had my choice, I wouldn't do it, but I sure wouldn't want the alternative. 


Connie said…
Does this have anything to do with the old saying, "cold as a witch's tit?"