Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?

The transgender woman I have written about here in Cyrsti's Condo who said she went through genital reassignment surgery via Medicare and I met up by accident yesterday at the Dayton VA hospital... by accident.

I asked her if she was there to see the therapist we both have and she said no, she was there to see her endocrinologist. She is a talker and went on to tell me she was requesting more estrogen because her breast development was lagging behind.

Warning bells went off again with her because past a certain point, extra estrogen just can hurt you, more than help feminization.  Plus she said her request was twice what I take, but I let it go.

The conversation went on for awhile, until she said her testicles were holding up the estrogen effect too. Unfortunately I wanted to get going so badly, I didn't follow up on her thought until later. Because I was zeroed in on going to the attorney.

Unless I am missing something huge about GRS, the testicles are removed, so she shouldn't have any...anymore.

At any rate, as suspected, her GRS maybe/probably is just a ruse. Sad.


Connie said…
I knew it smelled fishy. Maybe just another case of one trying to be "transer than thou?" More probably, a case of estrogen being used to fool, rather than as fuel. I hope that the therapist and endocrinologist are consulting each other, for her sake.
Unknown said…
Worrying just occupys your time unnecessarily.
Even still we can get caught up in it.
Unknown said…
Ms. GRS is indeed a liar.
She really needs to be called out over her lies at the next group meeting she turns up to.
Unknown said…
Bug report on your blog.
Looking through the older posts, trying to find the first one where Ms. GRS was mentioned, no comments on ANY post are visible.
I looked at posts going back as far as May 2017, and there's a few that I know I commented on and my comments were approved for being seen, but no comments from anyone are showing, at all, on any post.