Thursday, June 15, 2017

Some Like it Hot!

Then again some don't like it this hot. Our first heavy duty week of summer 90 degree plus temperatures and high humidity is upon us here in Southwestern Ohio. Which means of course everyone's most important beauty asset is skin.

I do the best I can with tank tops and a few lightweight t shirts I own, but I will need to get to the store soon to replenish my wardrobe. Here is a picture from last summer below. On the bright side, I don't think there is anything more feminine than feeling your hair brush the back of your neck.

I thank the Goddess I don't have to wear hot wigs anymore, but on occasion grumble because of all the hot hair I carry around now.

And, then, there is the infamous "under boob" sweat cis- women complain about. It's very real.

Finally, as I am done whining, about things I have brought on myself as a transgender woman, one of the trans women brought up a good point at the meeting the other night.

She said (a 30 something person) the big point of demarcation for her spouse and cross dressing was when she was able to grow her hair out far enough to quit wearing wigs. Somehow, someway, the wife felt the wigs gave her a "costume" look or feel. And her own hair made the whole process so much more serious.

I never thought of it quite that way, but when I was able to wear my own hair was the period of time I was able to really improve my transgender presentation.  Of course I know I am one of the fortunate trans women to have very little male pattern baldness.

I don't think summer will ever be my most favorite season of the year, but I guess I will live with it...
right? :)

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