Tankin' It

Summer has arrived and it is time to access my number of tank tops for the season.

Fortunately, HRT has continued to reduce my male muscle masses and even made my body hair even finer and less noticeable. Nearly perfect for a tank top.

Being an old hippie at heart, I have a couple pairs of well worn "boyfriend" jeans to go with them.

Thursday when I go to my latest round of doctors visits at the VA hospital I plan on wearing a simple black tank, jeans and tennis shoes for what normally always promises to be a long walk. Plus, this visit could be one where I have to give blood for my iron problem. Which is caused mostly by the UV rays of the sun for me. So, easy arm access is helpful for the process.

Speaking of the VA and doctors, my bone density tests came back normal, which obviously was great.

Summer time is also melting time for most of us and the perfect makeup job can "glisten" away before we know it. Again the effects of transgender HRT helped with the softening of my facial features. I never had a huge beard to start with, so I survive the heat a little better. I usually can make it with minimal foundation and blush to contour  my face. Finally, I try to bring my eyes out more.

Which leads me to one of the most asked questions I receive, "What is going 24/7 as a woman like?"

First and foremost, when you throw out all your old male clothes, you have committed yourself to more of an effort to embrace and accept the seasons. I always need to plan ahead on purchases and outfits even though I am more of a "casual" style woman. Your woman of course, will be always evolving with the seasons and age.

Good fortune with your transition, you will find luck has little to do with it. Destiny does.