Monday, April 24, 2017

Take the Initiative

In a recent post, I wrote about the problems with current or proposed transgender bathroom initiatives around my part of the U.S. and received these comments:
  1. From Connie:
  2. "Even here in liberal Washington state, there is a petition out for yet another "bathroom" initiative for the November ballot. I've been hoping to have one of the paid petitioners approach me on the sidewalk or in front of the grocery store. I've decided that, if it happens, I will spend the rest of my day shadowing the petitioner, just to stand there and smile along side of him or her. I may have to leave, occasionally, when nature calls, but I will loudly proclaim that I am going to the ladies room! How could that be worse than the homeless guy who freely pees on the sidewalk?"
  1. "As I may have mentioned before, I am so glad I live in Europe in the 21st Century! I regularly holiday in Malta, although predominantly Roman Catholic this is a very accepting Country and I have never had anything less than full acceptance. They may have some old fashioned ideas about birds, but they are right on the button on LGBT issues."
As I have said a number of times, Cincinnati is a very liberal place but if we journey very far into the rural areas around town, I have to be careful of what I am doing. Although, as time passes, life is becoming easier for me (knock on wood.) Maybe it's a paraphrase of Connie's statement, when the heart and mind passes, the body follows.

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