Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

All religion aside, it is Easter and for many of us transgender women it is a time to remember how the girls around us seemingly had all the fun. After all, they were the ones who got to dress up in all the pretty colors and fashions while the best I could hope for was a new restricting tie.

I just could not get over the envy of the girls in their white or cream colored tights. Why not me?

It turns out, not all the girls thought the same about their new Easter outfits. Liz for example got in continual trouble for being a "tomboy' and getting her tights stained chasing a future Cincinnati Reds shortstop around her church.

Perhaps a better term would be, the grass is not always whiter on the other side.

At any rate, I hope you have been able to celebrate Easter (or whatever religion you worship.) In the manner which suits you the best.

After all, the world is too volatile of a place not to. Trans or not, we all need a special prayer.

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