Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Attention to Detail

Finally yesterday I gathered up enough courage for yet another "DIY" (Do it Yourself) hair coloring.

Each time in the past, I have struggled either with the directions from beginning to end or getting all the color on my hair and not bathroom walls and fixtures. In a rare moment of clarity yesterday, I was able to accomplish understanding all the directions plus was careful to not make a mess, except on an old towel or two.

First off, I have a lot of hair and most of it thank goodness is pretty thick. So, working all the color in is important. Otherwise, any gray streaks left uncolored come out looking like bald spots. I concentrated my efforts on the crown of my noggin and worked outward, which today seemed to work well.

The second problem I have had is not washing out all the excess color. In my mind, the more that stays on the better. I guess the manufacturers know best because a good lather and rinse saves me from extra color on the towel when I dry my hair.

Finally, I paid attention to my timing on the conditioning step of the process. The "secret" for me was to leave the conditioner on for the extra minute the directions called for, then making sure I rinsed all the excess out of my hair.

The results today have left me with the overall color I was looking for plus very soft and manageable hair.

I guess it was high time I got it through my thick noggin how to properly color the hair on my thick noggin.

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